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Fig. S1 Variation in response to PPV infection across Multiparent Advanced Generation Inter-Cross (MAGIC) line founders.

Fig. S2 Allele effects at position 21528561 on restriction of PPV long-distance movement among the 19 MAGIC founders.

Fig. S3 Distribution of the set of 147 accessions according to their mean viral accumulation value as a percentage of optical density value 21 d after inoculation.

Fig. S4 Linkage disequilibrium blocks over the sha3 locus for 147 Arabidopsis accessions.

Fig. S5 PPV systemic infection of the N517845 and 801D05 RTM3 T-DNA disrupted mutants.

Fig. S6 Physical map of the LG3 cluster of genes coding for MATH domain-containing proteins and of the sha3 LD bin.

Table S1 Accessions of the two Arabidopsis core collections challenged with the pBINPPVnkGFP viral clone

Table S2 Arabidopsis accessions genotyped with the full 250 K SNPs dataset and challenged with PPV by agroinoculation

Table S3 Markers with significant association to restricted PPV long-distance movement in Arabidopsis accessions

Table S4 Annotation of the LG3 cluster of genes coding for MATH domain-containing proteins and others

nph4289-sup-0002-NotesS1.pptxWord document206KNotes S1 St-0 × Ler, Ler × RRS-7, Ler × Ts-1 and Ts-5 × MZ-0 linkage maps and list of primers used in this study.