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Fig. S1 Optimization of the TaqMan® assay for quantification of Hpa growth on Arabidopsis.

Fig. S2 LOD profile of interval mapping of C24 resistance in RILs Col-0 × C24.

Fig. S3 Interaction plot for qtl1.2 and qtl3.1.

Fig. S4 HA-tagged RCY1 is expressed in the tested Col-0 transgenic line no. 12.

Fig. S5 Expression of PR-1 in noninfected but water-sprayed Col-0, C24 and ILs.

Table S1 Primers and probes used in this study

Table S2 Master mix for TaqMan®-based quantification of Hpa growth in Arabidopsis

Table S3 Estimates of QTL effects

Table S4 Results of mapping of C24 resistance and susceptibility loci in the population of Col-0 ILs

Notes S1 Optimization and conditions for TaqMan® based Hpa quantification in Arabidopsis.

Notes S2 QTL mapping in a population of RILs Col-0 × C24.