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Fig. S1 Correction for PTIO quenching effects on DAR-4M-T fluorescence.

Fig. S2 Cross-Kingdom phylogenetic tree of organisms carrying proteins with nitric oxide synthase domain architecture.

Fig. S3 Nitric oxide synthase clade.

Fig. S4 Phylogenetic trees of nitrate and nitrite reductase in fungi.

Fig. S5 Southern blot analysis to confirm single targeted replacement event.

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Table S1 Species list of completed sequenced genomes searched for nitric oxide synthase domain PFAM02898

Table S2 PCR primers used to generate the gene knockout strains described

Table S3 Primers used to generate the qRT-PCR NOL transcript profiles

Methods S1 Mutant strain generation.

Methods S2 Southern blot analysis of putative transformants.

Methods S3 Pathogenicity assays.