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Fig. S1 Stability of Calcium-Crimson-AM fluorescent signal and of Phallacidin-TRX at room temperature for 400 s.

Fig. S2 Variations in [Ca2+]cyt expressed as AUs in protoplasts extracted from olive (Olea europaea) drupes at 14 and 22 wk after flowering (WAF) exposed to a cold shock of ΔTt = 10°C/60 s.

Fig. S3 Detail of Olea europaea mesocarp cells showing osmotin immunolabelling at 22 WAF.

Table S1 Candidate genes of housekeeping gene for normalization of qRT-PCR experiments

Table S2 13-LOX activity measured as diene conjugate formation at 234 nm at 14 and 22 WAF in mesocarp, seed coat and embryo of olive tree (Olea europaea)