Extraversion and Individual Differences in Auditory Evoked Response


  • A part of this report was presented at the Canadian Psychological Association Meetings in Toronto, June 1976, with K. Campbell and S. Joseph. The authors also express their appreciation to T. Picton of the Ottawa General Hospital for his counsel on the recording of the AER.

R. Stelmack, Faculty of Psychology, University of Ottawa, 1245 Kibbom, Ottawa, Canada K1H 6K9.


The auditory evoked response to low (0.5K Hz) and high (8.0K Hz) frequency tones at three levels of intensity (40, 55, and 80 dB) were recorded for subjects differing in degree of extra-version. Introverts were observed to have greater N1-P2 amplitude than extraverts with the low frequency tones at 55 and 80 dB intensity. The results support Eysenck's general proposal relating introversion to higher levels of cortical activity.