• Error correction;
  • Error detection;
  • Error-related negativity (ERN);
  • Correction-related negativity (CoRN)


Evidence in the literature for the proposed relationship between the error-related negativity (ERN) and error correction is rather limited and inconsistent. We investigated corrective behavior and the ERN in two groups of participants who performed a flanker task. The correction-instructed group was asked to immediately correct all encountered errors. The noninstructed group was unaware that corrective responses were recorded. We found a negative deflection following corrected errors that peaked at 200–240 ms after the error. We refer to this negativity in the ERP waveform as correction-related negativity (CoRN). We assume that the correction-related negativity reflects evaluative functions of the motor system necessary for error corrections. ERN latency and amplitude were modulated by the occurrence and temporal characteristics of immediate corrections. These results are discussed within the framework of current models of performance monitoring.