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Assessing the needs of assisted reproductive technology users of an online bulletin board


  • Data for this paper come from S. Wingert's unpublished thesis, ‘Women's interaction on an online bulletin board for assisted reproductive technology users: a qualitative content analysis’, MSc, University of Manitoba, 2003.

Carol D. H. Harvey, Department of Family Social Sciences, Faculty of Human Ecology, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2 N2, Canada. E-mail:


Consumers who are infertile and decide to use assisted reproductive technologies undergo lengthy, expensive and potentially risky medical procedures in their quest for a pregnancy and a live birth. In this research we use a consumer model of decision making to analyse the process. We review information available to consumers and we assess use of an online bulletin board which gives consumers social support and medical information during the process. We conclude with the needs for consumer education and protection.