Exploring the relationship between consumer knowledge and purchase behaviour of value-based labels


Morven G. McEachern, Marketing Department, Lancaster University Management School, Lancaster, LA1 4YX, UK. E-mail: m.mceachern@lancaster.ac.uk


Despite an increasing market presence, little research has been conducted regarding consumer-purchase behaviour of food products bearing ‘value-based’ labels. Moreover, as the effectiveness of these labelling formats is dependent upon consumer's knowledge of their existence, this paper aims to explore the relationship between knowledge, openness to experience (i.e. validated personality trait related to intellectual capability) and purchase behaviour upon consumer behaviour in this context. Using structural equation modelling techniques, causal influences on purchases of fresh meat bearing ‘value-based’ labels are identified and three multi-attribute attitude models are proposed. The paper concludes that these labels are of value to consumers and that product knowledge plays a significant role in aiding purchase decisions. Consequently, marketing communication implications arising from the proposed multi-attribute attitude models are discussed.