The perceived credibility of quality labels: a scale validation with refinement


Salim Moussa, Institut Supérieur de Gestion, 41 Rue de la Liberté, Cité Bouchoucha, Le Bardo 2000, Tunisie. E-mail:


In this paper, we present quality labels as signals that reduce problems that arise under asymmetric information. We propose to closely scrutinize the concept of signal credibility, which is a key determinant of signalling effectiveness. In order to assess the perceived credibility of a quality label, we offer a revisited version of a scale originally proposed by Larceneux. The data used in this paper involve three different labels and were collected using self-report surveys administered to 602 respondents. Based on findings from a variety of reliability and validity tests, the scale demonstrates good psychometric properties. Both theoretical and managerial implications are discussed, along with limitations and future research directions.