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The effect of payment type on product-related emotions: evidence from an experimental study


  • JEL classification: D9, D91

Luise Hahn, Department of Economic Psychology, Education Psychology and Evaluation, Faculty of Psychology, University of Vienna, Universitaetsstraße 7, A-1010 Vienna, Austria. E-mail:


Consumption and payments have been shown to be closely associated in consumers' minds. Based on the idea of ‘coupling’, it is hypothesized that product-related emotions will differ depending on payment type (i.e. repayment and prepayment). Moreover, it has been suggested that forecasted emotions do not always correspond to experienced emotions. This is tested in a longitudinal experiment, which simulated a saving and credit situation, and assessed forecasted and experienced product-related emotions. As hypothesized, prepayment led to more positive product-related emotions than repayment. Moreover, participants showed some inconsistencies between forecasted and experienced emotions. Implications for marketing and consumer education are discussed.