• Inulin;
  • Probiotic;
  • Prebiotic;
  • Yoghurt;
  • Fat replacer

The effects of adding inulin at 20 g/L as a fat replacer and probiotic bacteria on the physicochemical and textural characteristics of yoghurt were studied. The ability of long-chain inulin to improve the probiotic (Lactobacillus paracasei ssp. paracasei) bacteria viability in yoghurt was investigated. The addition of inulin made the texture (firmness, cohesiveness, adhesiveness and gumminess) of skimmed yoghurt similar to that of whole yoghurt, demonstrating the role of inulin as a fat replacer. However inulin increased syneresis and did not influence the viability of probiotic bacteria in the yoghurts. The addition of probiotic bacteria in yoghurts improved syneresis and increased firmness and gumminess.