Summary. Ten women with tubal ectopic pregnancy were treated by the injection of methotrexate into the gestational sac under direct laparoscopic vision followed by a course of intramuscular therapy including folinic acid rescue. One course of treatment induced resolution of the extrauterine pregnancy in eight women. Complete resolution (β-hCG<10 miu/ml) was achieved within 6–47 days (mean 14·5 days). Serum β-hCG levels started to decline 3–4 days from the beginning of therapy. Length of hospital stay was 5–11 days (mean 6·4 days). Treatment failed in two patients. One woman had a laparoscopic tubal clip sterilization concomitantly with methotrexate treatment. Tubal patency was demonstrated in all the other seven women (100%) tested subsequently. There is a need to establish criteria for patient selection before methotrexate becomes a routine treatment for tubal pregnancy.