To determine which method of skin closure was associated with less bleeding, 250 women were randomly allocated to have either a suture closure (3-0 Dexon II) or an adhesive strip closure (Steri-Strip) following subcutaneous insertion of hormone (HRT) implants. Data were collected via a tested questionnaire and analysed. Significantly, more women in the adhesive strip group recorded postprocedure bleeding (RR = 2.26; 95% CI 1.42–3.60) and considered the bleeding excessive (RR = 4.17; 95% CI 1.18–14.76) and unacceptable (RR = 12.52; 95% CI 1.63–96.19). Pain scores and symptoms of local infection were similar in both groups. Routine use of adhesive strips for implant skin incision closure is not recommended.