Short communication: Suturing after childbirth—a randomised controlled study testing a new monofilament material


A Dencker, Department of Normal Obstetrics/Östra, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, S-416 85 Gothenburg, Sweden.


The aim of this study was to assess if a monofilament suture material (Biosyn) compared with a commonly used multifilament suture (Dexon II) would cause fewer problems and lower levels of discomfort and pain after suturing lacerations and episiotomies following vaginal delivery. Women (1139) who required suturing by a midwife were allocated for repair with either the multifilament polyglycolic acid suture (Dexon II) or with a new monofilament of glycomer 631 (Biosyn). The outcome assessment involved inspection of the sutured area and measuring levels of discomfort and pain with a Visual Analogue Scale (VAS). At follow up after 8–12 weeks, more women in the monofilament group reported problems with the sutured area.