Uterine rupture and labour after a previous low transverse caesarean section


Dr M Turner, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Coombe Women’s Hospital, Dublin 8, Ireland. Email mjaturner@hotmail.com


This study reviewed all cases of complete uterine rupture (UR) in pregnancy during the decade 1993–2002. In 69 412 deliveries, 5320 women had a single prior caesarean section. Of these, 4021 had a trial of labour and 3129 (77.8%) delivered vaginally. In nine (0.22%) cases, the previous transverse scar ruptured during labour. None of these nine ruptures resulted in maternal or fetal death, peripartum hysterectomy or fetal morbidity. In our practice, a trial of labour in women with a previous low transverse caesarean is associated with a high rate of vaginal delivery and a low rate of UR.