Internal podalic version for neglected shoulder presentation with fetal demise


Dr NN Mahajan, 31, Dhanvantri Nagar, Sevagram, Wardha, Maharashtra, 442102 India. Email


In modern obstetrics, the role of internal podalic version (IPV) is limited to delivery of the second twin. A retrospective study was conducted to assess the efficacy of IPV in singleton neglected shoulder presentation with fetal demise. Women with live fetuses, previous CS or contracted pelvis were excluded. The procedure involved repositioning the prolapsed hand under anaesthetic followed by breech extraction. 12 women were identified over a 19 month period and all underwent successful IPV. One woman had a postpartum haemorrhage. We conclude that, in singleton pregnancies with a transverse lie, IPV has a role to play in the delivery of dead fetuses.