• Benign cystic teratoma;
  • dermoid cyst;
  • laparoscopy;
  • spillage

Please cite this paper as: Kondo W, Bourdel N, Cotte B, Tran X, Botchorishvili R, Jardon K, Rabischong B, Pouly J, Mage G, Canis M. Does prevention of intraperitoneal spillage when removing a dermoid cyst prevent granulomatous peritonitis? BJOG 2010;117:1027–1030.

In this retrospective study of 314 patients undergoing surgery for ovarian dermoid cysts, conducted over a 20-year period, we evaluated the impact of the routine use of laparoscopic surgery without recourse to laparotomy to retrieve the specimen, using an endoscopic retrieval bag placed under the cyst to prevent intraperitoneal spillage of cyst contents, and subsequent postoperative granulomatous peritonitis. Accidental cyst rupture was more frequent when a total laparoscopic approach was used (26/174 or 15% versus 39/140 or 28%; = 0.005), but there were no cases of intraperitoneal spillage when an endoscopic bag was used. Two cases of granulomatous peritonitis developed out of 26 women with intraperitoneal spillage of cyst contents (8%). We conclude that the risk of granulomatous peritonitis can be minimised by undertaking laparoscopic removal of dermoid cysts with the routine intraoperative use of an endoscopic retrieval bag to prevent intraperitoneal spillage of cyst contents.