Tuberculosis in pregnancy


Dr JA McIntyre, Anova Health Institute, 12 Sherborne Rd., Parktown, Johannesburg 2193, South Africa. Email


Please cite this paper as: Mnyani C, McIntyre J. Tuberculosis in pregnancy. BJOG 2011;118:226–231.

Tuberculosis (TB) remains an important infection in women globally. It is responsible for 700 000 deaths annually and is a major contributor to maternal mortality. Mycobacterium tuberculosis/HIV co-infection is common in areas of high HIV prevalence, and may be associated with significant perinatal and maternal morbidity. Improved diagnosis and treatment of TB in pregnant women are important interventions for both maternal and child health. Controlling TB in pregnancy in high-prevalence areas requires a range of interventions, including active TB screening in pregnant women, TB preventative therapy for HIV-infected pregnant women, treatment of active TB and linking mothers and children to TB care services.