Tables S1–S7. Study characteristics, characteristics of women and test results of all 34 included studies, grouped by biomarker and presentation of results.

Appendix S1. Search strategy for MEDLINE and EMBASE.

Appendix S2. References of studies excluded after screening of full text, as described in Figure 1.

Appendix S3. Forest plots showing standardised mean differences in marker concentration between women who would develop pre-eclampsia and women with uncomplicated pregnancies in all studies reporting data as continuous variables. Negative values indicate lower concentrations; positive values indicate higher concentrations before pre-eclampsia. (A) PlGF; (B) VEGF; (C) sFLT1; and (D) sENG.

Appendix S4. Results of studies on PlGF (A), sFLT1 (B) and sENG (C) reporting sensitivity and specificity of the test, plotted in receiver operating characteristics (ROC) spaces with summary ROC curves. Area of circles is proportional to study sample size.

Appendix S5. Sensitivity analyses that are not reported in the paper.

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