• Endometriosis;
  • placenta praevia;
  • pregnancy

Please cite this paper as: Vercellini P, Parazzini F, Pietropaolo G, Cipriani S, Frattaruolo M, Fedele L. Pregnancy outcome in women with peritoneal, ovarian and rectovaginal endometriosis: a retrospective cohort study. BJOG 2012;119:1538–1543.

We retrospectively assessed pregnancy outcome in 419 women who achieved a first spontaneous singleton pregnancy after surgery for endometriosis. A miscarriage was observed in 87 of 419 women (20.8%) and an ectopic pregnancy in eight (1.9%). Among the remaining 324 women, 14 (4.3%) experienced gestational hypertension/pre-eclampsia, 38 (11.7%) had a preterm delivery, five (1.5%) had placental abruption and 12 (3.7%) had placenta praevia. The incidence of placenta praevia was 7.6% in 150 women with rectovaginal lesions, 2.1% in 69 with ovarian endometriomas plus peritoneal implants, and 2.4% in 100 women with peritoneal implants only, whereas no case was observed in 100 women with ovarian endometriomas only.