User library service expectations in health science vs. other settings: a LibQUAL+® Study


Martha Kyrillidou, Director, Statistics and Service Quality Programs, Association of Research Libraries, 21 Dupont Circle NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20036, USA. E-mail:


Objectives:  To explore how the library service expectations and perceptions of users might differ across health-related libraries as against major research libraries not operating in a medical context; to determine whether users of medical libraries demand better library service quality, because the inability of users to access needed literature promptly may lead to a patient who cannot be properly diagnosed, or a diagnosis that cannot be properly treated.

Methodology:  We compared LibQUAL+® total and subscale scores across three groups of US, Canadian and British libraries for this purpose.

Results:  Anticipated differences in expectations for health as other library settings did not emerge.

Conclusions:  The expectations and perceptions are similar across different types of health science library settings, hospital and academic, and across other general research libraries.