• Special needs education;
  • Malawi;
  • disabilities;
  • teachers;
  • sub-Saharan countries;
  • policies

The sub-Saharan country of Malawi is steeped in a robust educational reform movement to ensure ‘Education for All’. Based upon country immersion experience and a review of the literature, this report highlights Malawi's nationwide support for its special needs education (SNE) campaign. First discussed is a brief overview of Malawi, its people and its educational philosophy regarding SNE. Comparisons of sub-Saharan countries’ educational provisions for students with special learning needs follow, as do explanations of the country's classroom practices and its national SNE Policy (revised in 2007). Described along with ‘best practices’ and the country's history of SNE teacher preparation initiatives is the structure of Malawi's SNE implementation, its design in the classroom, teacher preparation particulars and SNE programme milestones. Partners (organisations), integral to the success of Malawi's SNE efforts, are emphasised; and related policies and provisions are presented, along with closing discussion of assessment, diagnosis, programming, and future implications and conclusions.