—During an extensive decomposition of phospholipids, at the end of the second week of Wallerian degeneration, the decomposition of glycerophosphatides were studied in detail. In a degenerative process lasting for 2 weeks about one-third of the choline phosphatides, two-thirds of the ethanolamine phosphatides, one-third of the serine phosphatides and one-quarter of the inositol phosphatides, were destroyed.

The amount of lysophosphatidylcholine decreased proportionally to the destruction of choline phosphatide. On the other hand, the amount of lysophosphatides formed from‘kephalin'-containing fatty aldehyde, during the marked destruction of these phospholipids, remained constant or increased to a small extent and its percentage distribution increased 2 or 3 times compared with other phospholipids. Ethanolamine phosphatides having a high fatty aldehyde content can be regarded as mainly responsible for the relative accumulation of lysophosphatides.