Abstract— Rat brain particulate fractions were shown to acylate [32P]1-alkyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphorylethanolamine (GPE). While the main product is 1-alkyl-2-acyl GPE, about 12 per cent of the radioactivity was also found in 1-alkenyl-2-acyl GPE. The acyl transferase activity was completely dependent on added ATP and CoA and it was localized mainly in the microsomal fraction. A comparative study of acyl transferase activities to 1-alkyl-, 1-alkenyl-, and 1-acyl GPE by crude mitochondrial fraction and microsomes of 10, 16 and 22-day-old rat brains showed a progressive increase in activity with development. In the 22-day-old rat brain the order of activity towards the three substrates is as follows: 1-acyl GPE ± 1-alkenyl GPE ± 1-alkyl GPE with a crude mitochondrial fraction and 1-acyl GPE ± 1-alkyl GPE ± 1-alkenyl GPE with microsomes.