Appendix S1. Expanded Polyglutamines impair synaptic transmission and ubiquitin proteasome system in Caenorhabditis elegans. Fig. S1 Schematic structures of wild type ataxin-3 and the constructs. Fig. S2 Egg laying defective (Egl) behavior of the polyQ transgenic animals. Fig. S3 (A) Aberrant branching of ALN neuronal process as shown by co-expression of 127Q-RFP and GFP. (B) Co-expression of 127Q-RFP and GFP under the control of unc-47 promoter in the ventral cord motor (GABA) neurons. Fig. S4 Quantification of Ub-dsRed mRNA in transgenic C. elegans (Ce19Q and Ce127Q) and HEK cells (HEK17Q and HEK150Q) by real-time RT-PCR. Table S1 Sequence of the PCR primers used for the amplification of different gene fragments. Table S2 Plasmid constructs used in this research work Table S3 PolyQ aggregates induce aberrant branching of CAN neurons Table S4 PolyQ aggregate-mediated neuronal process branching is age dependent Table S5 Number of neurons with diffuse and aggregated pattern of polyQ that accumulate Ub-dsRed

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