Figure S1. HPC inhibited the decrease of cPKCβII membrane translocation both in the ischemic core and penumbra of cortex following MCAO-induced ischemia. (a) Representative results of western blot showed the changes in cPKCβII membrane translocation and protein expression level in the ischemic core (I) and peri-infarct region (P) of control and HPC mice following MCAO. (b) Quantitative analysis demonstrated that cPKCβII membrane translocation decreased significantly, but HPC could inhibit the decrease of cPKCβII membrane translocation both in I and P of mouse cortex after MCAO. *< 0.05 vs. S of control group, #< 0.05 vs. S, I, P or C of control group, n = 5 per group. S, cortex of sham operated mice; C, contralateral cortex to MCAO-induced ischemic hemisphere.

Figure S2. Distribution of identified cPKCβII-interacting proteins in brain of HPC mice. The categorizations of molecular (a) and biological (b) functions were based on the information provided by the online resource PANTHER classification system.

Table S1. Identification of cPKCβII-interacting proteins by MALDI-TOF MS both in particulate and cytosolic fraction of mouse brain.

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