Appendix S1. Supplementary material and methods.

Figure S1. Effects of siRNAs against Grid1 on the synapse formation of cultured cortical neurons. (a) Cortical neurons were transfected with siRNAs against Grid1 or control siRNA in combination with expression vectors for EGFP and FLAG-GluRδ1 and immunostained for FLAG. (b) Ratios of FLAG and EGFP signal intensities were measured to evaluate the efficacy of siRNAs against Grid1 (n = 12 each). (c) Effects of siRNAs against Grid1 on the numbers of dendritic protrusions and punctate VGAT and VGluT1 signals along dendrites in cultured cortical neurons. (d-f) Numbers of dendritic protrusions (d), VGAT puncta (e) and VGluT1 puncta (f) along dendrites of cultured cortical neurons treated with siRNAs (= 30 each). All values represent mean ± SEM. Scale bars represent 50 μm in (a) and 10 μm in (c).

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