Appendix S1. Supplementary Materials and Methods.

Figure S1. Photomicrographs of brain cryosections (20 μm) from two months old mice processed for in situ zymography depicting part of the neocortex (upper row), CA1 (middle row) and CA3 (lower row) hippocampal area from a wild-type (first column) and three TgMMP9 animals, one of each of the lines generated (second to fourth columns). Arrows point to cells depicted in higher magnification in the inserts. Note that the highest level of gelatinolytic activity was observed in line A, which accordingly was selected for further analysis. Scale bars correspond to 50 μm.

Figure S2. Photomicrographs of brain cryosections (20 μm) from adult TgMMP9 mice immunostained with antibodies specific against MMP9 (A-F) and the astroglial marker GFAP (A,B), the microglial marker CD11b (C,D) and the oligodedroglial marker Olig2 (E,F). Note that no colocalization was observed between MMP9-immonopositive cells and cells expressing the glial markers GFAP, CD11b or Olig2. Scale bar in panels E correspond to 100 μm.

Figure S3. TgMMP9 mice display no gross histological abnormalities. (A,B) Photomicrographs of comparable Nissl-stained brain cryosections from a wild type (A) and a TgMMP9 (B) animal of line A. A higher magnification of the neocortex from the wild-type and the ThMMP9 animal is depicted in panel A1 and B1, respectively. Scale bars in panels A1 and B1 correspond to 100 μm.

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