Figure S1. Expression of BMPRIA and BMPRIB receptors during NSC-34 cells differentiation. (a) The specificity of the antibodies against BMPRIA and B was evaluated by transient transfection of expression plasmids coding for each protein in COS-1 cells. Protein extracts from transfected cells with BMPRIA (left lane) and BMPRIB (right lane) were separated by SDS-PAGE and subjected to immunoblot analyses. Using anti-BMPRIA (upper panel) or anti-BMPRIB (middle panel) antibodies, a specific band was detected in corresponding lanes. Molecular weight standards (kDa) are shown on the left. Western blot analysis in protein extracts of NSC-34 cell obtained at different times of differentiation using anti-BMPRIA (b) and anti-BMPRIB (c) are shown.

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