As an exemplar of the fulfilled and integrative life, Harvard Professor Emerita Anne Roe provides a model of both personal and professional achievement. In her adult life the roles of researcher, administrator and teacher have been in dialectical interaction with those of wife and mother defined in the normative terms of the times. Her work, complicated by years of chronic illness, has been concerned with the intellectual functions of normal, aphasic and mentally disordered adults; behavior of newborn infants; status of foster children from different backgrounds; the effects of alcohol; personalities of artists and scientists; the psychology of occupations; behavior and evolution; the psychology of creativity; and the relations between early experiences and career patterns. Professional recognition has taken many forms, including entry in the World Who's Who in Science in which she and her husband George Caylord Simpson, the evolutionist, are separately listed for achievement in distinct fields. Forced curtailment of professional life has led to development in arts and crafts as a new occupational endeavor.