Through the Looking Glass: No Wonderland Yet! (The Reciprocal Relationship between Methodology and Models of Reality)


  • This article is based on the presidential address to Division 35 of APA given at the 89th Annual Convention, Los Angeles, California, August 26, 1981.

  • The author thanks Alice H. Eagly, Carolyn W. Sherif, and Barbara S. Wallston for their critical reading of the article. Reprint requests should be sent to the author, Department of Psychology, Montclair State College, Upper Montclair, New Jersey, 07043.


This article discusses the relationship between conceptual frameworks and methodology in psychology. It is argued that our models of reality influence our research in terms of question selection, causal factors hypothesized, and interpretation of data. The position and role of women as objects and agents of research are considered in terms of a sociology of knowledge perspective. Suggestions are offered for a more reflexive psychology.