• Brazilian pine;
  • conservation genetics;
  • gene flow;
  • monkey-puzzle tree;
  • paternity analysis


The Araucariaceae family has only two species in South America: Araucaria angustifolia and Araucaria araucana. Both species are mainly used for timber and have been overexploited in the past. Currently, they are found as fragmented populations and are classified under the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) guidelines as vulnerable species. Population fragmentation may seriously affect the genetic diversity of these two species of Araucariaceae and can consequently lead to decreased survival. To better understand the genetic structure of these South American Araucaria species, eight nuclear microsatellites are reported: six new microsatellites loci developed based on a membrane enrichment procedure and two microsatellites loci transferred from the related species, Araucaria cunninghamii.