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Microsatellite DNA markers for Plasmopara viticola, the causal agent of downy mildew of grapes


F. Delmotte, Fax: 33557122651; E-mail:


Microsatellite loci were isolated from Plasmopara viticola (Oomycetes), the causal agent of downy mildew of grape, one of the most damaging fungal diseases of grapevine worldwide. Seven polymorphic loci were obtained from an enriched partial genomic library. A low genetic diversity was observed at all loci, with a mean observed allele number of 3.75 and an observed heterozygosity ranging from 0.074 to 0.547. Cross-amplification tests on three closely related taxa indicated that two loci could be used in other Oomycetes species. These microsatellite loci were proved to be useful for population genetic analysis.