Identification and characterization of 17 microsatellite primers for the tick, Ixodes ricinus, using enriched genomic libraries


Knut H. Røed, Fax: 22467062; E-mail:


Ixodes ricinus is the main vector for important infectious diseases in both humans and in animals. Microsatellite loci were isolated from a dinucleotide-enriched library made from I. ricinus sampled in Norway. Seventeen polymorphic microsatellites were further characterized among 24 individuals sampled from an island in the Oslofjord region. The number of observed alleles ranged from two to 17 and the observed heterozygosities between 0.10 and 0.83. Analysis of family materials gives evidence of non-Mendelian inheritance of several of the characterized loci, among which most could be explained by presence of null alleles.