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genclone: a computer program to analyse genotypic data, test for clonality and describe spatial clonal organization


Sophie Arnaud-Haond, Fax: +61 7 4725-1570; E-mail: or


genclone 1.0 is designed for studying clonality and its spatial components using genotype data with molecular markers from haploid or diploid organisms. genclone 1.0 performs the following tasks. (i) discriminates distinct multilocus genotypes (MLGs), and uses permutation and resampling approaches to test for the reliability of sets of loci and sampling units for estimating genotypic and genetic diversity (a procedure also useful for nonclonal organisms); (ii) computes statistics to test for clonal propagation or clonal identity of replicates; (iii) computes various indices describing genotypic diversity; and (iv) summarizes the spatial organization of MLGs with adapted spatial autocorrelation methods and clonal subrange estimates.