New microsatellite markers for the snow crab Chionoecetes opilio (Brachyura: Majidae)


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Nine novel microsatellite loci were isolated from Chionoecetes opilio by screening an enriched genomic library using nonradioactive polymerase chain reaction techniques, and the polymorphisms were examined to estimate genetic variability. The genetic variabilities varied depending on the locus. All loci were found to be polymorphic with an average of 9.7 alleles per locus (range 3–25). The observed and expected heterozygosities ranged from 0.80 to 0.98 and from 0.56 to 0.95, respectively. Five loci showed significant Hardy–Weinberg disequilibrium at the P < 0.05 level. The high variabilities revealed in this study suggest that these microsatellite loci should provide useful markers for genetic variation monitoring of C. opilio.