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Ten microsatellite loci from Zamia integrifolia (Zamiaceae)


Alan W. Meerow, Fax: (305) 969-6410; E-mail:


Ten microsatellite loci isolated from Zamia integrifolia are described. All 10 are polymorphic, with three to 10 alleles across 36 members of a single population from South Florida. Heterozygosities ranged from 0.139 to 0.889. Two loci depart significantly from Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium, and exhibit heterozygote deficiency. One locus pair exhibits significant linkage disequilibrium. The primers have also successfully amplified loci from Zamia portoricensis and Zamia ambliphyllidia. These loci will be utilized for population studies in the Caribbean Zamia pumila complex.

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