Meyer-Dombard, D.R., J.P. Amend, E.L. Shock, 2005. Archaeal and bacterial communities of geochemically diverse hot springs of Yellowstone National Park, USA. Geobiology, 3:211–227.

In the above article several spelling corrections made to the proof set of this manuscript were not incorporated into the final typesetting. Specifically, the Latin taxonomical names of Sulfurococcus, Desulfurococcus (also Desulfurococcaceae, Desulfurococcales), Desulfurobacterium, and Sulfurihydrogenibium were mistakenly changed to UK English spellings (Sulphurococcus, Desulphurococcus, Desulphurobacterium, Sulphurihydrogenibium). The species names, Sulfolobus, Thermodesulfovibrio, and Thermodesulfobacterium are, however, spelled correctly in the text. Further, all taxonomical classifications presented in Table 1 are also spelled correctly.