Data S1. Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion.

Table S1. Clone library statistics for the 16 springs examined.

Table S2. Clone frequencies identified in the 16 environments studied, determined using DOTUR at a sequence identity threshold of 99%.

Table S3. Model ΔAICc and Mantel correlation coefficients (R2) for chlL/bchL Rao among community phylogenetic diversity and models incorporating single and multiple explanatory variables.

Table S4. The relative abundance of chlL/bchL genes affiliated with particular phototrophic orders, as assessed via BLASTp analysis.

Table S5. GPS coordinates, temperature, pH and sulfide for 41 of the 104 geothermal springs subjected to qPCR analysis of chlL/bchL and bchY genes.

Table S6. Raw composition of Chl/BChl pigments in the 16 sites. This data was used to calculate the relative abundance of the Chl/BChl pigments that was presented in Table    4 of the main text.

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