• midface lifting;
  • intradermal technique;
  • botulinum toxin


Background  An intradermal injection technique is a variation of the intramuscular or subcutaneous injection technique usually performed with botulinum toxin for facial rejuvenation. The technique applied to realign the imbalance of the facial muscles by weakening the downward pull of the depressors and allowing the levators to contract in a compensatory fashion results in midface lifting and rejuvenation.

Aims  To address the intradermal injection technique of botulinum toxin for midface lifting.

Methods  A restrospective review of the patients undergoing midface lifting during the year 2008, the procedure, the details of the injection technique, and outcomes are described.

Results  An intradermal injection technique of botulinum toxin successfully gives rise to midface lifting and rejuvenation.

Conclusion  An intradermal injection technique of botuinum toxin treatment is effective for aesthetic improvement in the midface.