The Fabi–Bolton chest wrinkle scale: a pilot validation study


S Fabi, MD, Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, 9339 Genesee Avenue, Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92121, USA. E-mail:


Up until now, no objective scale has existed to evaluate chest wrinkles and assess the efficacy of treatment. This study was designed to validate a new photonumeric wrinkle assessment scale using standardized photographic methodology to obtain reference photographs. Multiple photographs from 28 volunteer subjects with varying degrees of chest wrinkles were evaluated by a study team of two independent physicians. Photographs of 16 subjects representing the full spectrum of chest wrinkle severity were selected and classified using the Fabi–Bolton (F–B) 5-point wrinkle scale (1 = wrinkles absent; 2 = shallow but visible wrinkles; 3 = moderately deep wrinkles; 4 = deep wrinkles, with well-defined edges; 5 = wrinkles very deep with redundant folds). One representative photograph was chosen by study team consensus for each of the five scale points. A second, independent group of evaluators rated the randomly arranged photographs using the F–B wrinkle scale. The numeric results were then tabulated and compared. The F–B wrinkle scale provided a reproducible and effective method for assessing chest wrinkles with very little interrater variability. The F–B wrinkle scale is a reliable tool for the classification of chest wrinkles and evaluation of therapeutic and cosmetic interventions.