Academic attribution: citation analysis in master's theses and research articles in applied linguistics




Given the significance of citation in research articles (RA) and the considerable difficulty that novice writers might have in citing other works in their theses, this study compared the use of citation forms in 65 Iranian master's (MA) theses and 65 international research article introduction sections in applied linguistics. The citations were divided into integral and non-integral and their sub-categories. Findings showed several differences in the citation forms used in both datasets. Citations were more frequent in the MA theses than the RAs, and integral citation outran non-integral citation in the MA theses (X2= 61.46); in the RAs, however, the difference was not significant at 0.05 level. The tilt toward integral citations within MA theses marks students' familiarity with formal features of citation but their ignorance of the functional features.

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