Applications of stable isotope analyses to avian ecology


*Corresponding author


In the past 20 years the use of stable isotope analysis has become increasingly common in ecological studies. In fact, in some instances these techniques have yielded remarkable insights into the foraging preferences and migrations of birds. Despite these advances and the potential of the approach, it is possibly still not as widely used as might be expected. In this paper we aim to illustrate the potential of the approach in the hope of encouraging more avian ecologists to think again about how these techniques might provide insights in the systems on which they work. We discuss some of the principles behind the approach, and review some of the more recent ornithological studies that have used stable isotope techniques to trace trophic pathways or infer migratory origins. We follow this by discussing some of the latest ideas on how stable isotopes may be used to generate community metrics and close by detailing the important assumptions and caveats that should be considered before undertaking any studies using this technique.