Fig. S1 Genotypes of progeny of SIRT1-KI/+ ??+/+ mice are tabulated. Significant deviation from the expected 1 : 1 ratio was observed, as indicated.

Fig. S2 (A) Western blot of SIRT1 in liver and skeletal muscle in wild-type (WT) and SIRT1-KI littermates. Each lane represents an individual mouse. (B) Western blot for ?-actin, total actin and tubulin in liver, skeletal muscle and white adipose tissue (WAT) of wild-type (WT) and transgenic littermates. Sarco-actin was also blotted in muscle.

Fig. S3 Hanging, jumping and walking was measured in 8-and 10-week-old mice over a 24-h period (n = 7 per group). White bar represents wild-type (WT) mice, black bar represents SIRT1-KI mice.

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