Figure S1. Measurements of blue label uptake after 30 min of feeding vs. the proportion of feeding events observed during this period, where one data point represents one vial containing five flies.

Figure S2. Survival of d2GAL/+ once-mated vs virgin females on 1.0 food.

Figure S3. The effect of DR by yeast dilution on DILP5 protein. Immunohistochemical analysis of DILP5 protein in 7-day-old female brains following 48 h treatment with 0.1 × Y (a–f), 0.5 × Y (g–l) and 2.0 × Y (m–r) foods. The figure shows the images used for the quantification of protein levels shown in Fig. 4C.

Table S1. Mating frequencies of mNSC-ablated females and controls sampled during a 48 h period on 1.0 × Y food.

Appendix S1. Broughton Survival data for Fig1A.

Appendix S2. Broughton Survival data for Fig1C.

Appendix S3. Broughton Survival data for Fig5A.

Appendix S4. Broughton Survival data for Fig5B.

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