Fig. S1 Whole body trehalose content, circulating sugars and starvation resistance in hsGAL4 > UAS-Imp-L2 flies.

Fig. S2 Lifespans of hsGAL4 > UAS-Imp-L2 male flies.

Fig. S3 Lack of effect of RU486 addition to ActGS, UAS-Imp-L2 or S1106 controls.

Fig. S4 Reduced fecundity and increased H2O2 resistance upon induction of Imp-L2 with the ActGS driver.

Fig. S5 Lifespans of elavGAL4 > UAS-Imp-L2 and akhGAL4 > UAS-Imp-L2 flies.

Fig. S6 IMP-L2 produced in the fat body of induced S1106 > UAS-Imp-L2 adult female flies.

Fig. S7 IMP-L2 distribution in larval brains.

Fig. S8 Lack of effect on fecundity, H2O2 resistance and 4E-BP expression upon induction of Imp-L2 with the dilp2GAL4 or the S1106 driver.

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