• TORC1;
  • mTOR;
  • S6K1;
  • rapamycin;
  • longevity;
  • dietary restriction;
  • mRNA translation;
  • ribosome


In this, the fourth installment of our annual Hot Topics review on mRNA translation and aging, we have decided to expand our scope to include recent findings related to the role of TOR signaling in aging. As new data emerge, it is clear that TOR signaling acts upstream of mRNA translation, as well as a variety of other cellular processes, to modulate longevity and healthspan in evolutionarily diverse species. This Hot Topics review will cover important new findings in this area that have occurred over the past year. These include the demonstration that the TOR substrate ribosomal S6 kinase modulates longevity in mammals, the potential for TOR inhibitors as therapeutic treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, and further studies emphasizing the importance of differential translation of specific mRNAs for healthy aging and enhanced longevity.