Fig. S1drp-1 RNAi affects mitochondrial morphology in muscle cells of the body wall. GFP expression of a Pmyo-3::GFPmt transgene in wild-type worms treated with empty vector in (A) or drp-1 RNAi in (B).

Fig. S2 The extended longevity and the sensitivity to heat stress of the age-1;drp-1 mutant compared to the age-1 mutant can be rescued by introduction of a transgene overexpressing drp-1.

Table S1 Quantitative data and statistical analyses of mean adult lifespan presented in Fig.  1.

Table S2 Effect of drp-1 RNAi on the mean lifespan of long-lived worms undergoing bacteria deprivation and long-lived mitochondrial mutant worms.

Table S3 Quantitative data and statistical analyses of survival on paraquat presented in Fig.  2.

Data S1 Materials and methods.

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