Fig. S1 Representative images of phalloidin-stained F actin in empty RNAi vector (EV) control worms and epi-1 RNAi worms.

Fig. S2 Representative images of immunohistochemistry of Aβ worms (head region) kept on epi-1 and EV for 7 days using anti-Aβ antibody (NAB228).

Fig. S3 Knockdown of fbl-1 changes onset of paralysis in Aβ worms.

Fig. S4 A daf-2 mutation (e1368) fails to rescue paralysis induced by unc-52 and pat-3 RNAi of Aβ worms.

Table S1 C. elegans laminin genes and their human homologs.

Table S2 Primer sets used for the construction of RNAi clones.

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