Fig. S1 Growth curve of a typical primary HCEC culture.

Fig. S2 Up-regulation of p53 transcriptional targets in senescent HCEC.

Fig. S3 Lack of effect of p38MAPK inhibitor on growth of primary HCEC.

Fig. S4 Knockdown of p53 in HCEC by shRNA.

Fig. S5 Expression of E2F target genes is maintained and elevated in HCEC-CDK4 and HCEC-CDK4-TERT cells.

Fig. S6 (a) Immortalised HCEC-CDK4-TERT (Zante) cells preserve a similar transcriptional profile to parent primary HCEC cultures. (b) Expression of HCEC-specific transcripts is largely retained in the immortalised HCEC-CDK4-TERT (Zante) cell line.

Table S1 Over-represented transcription factors by enrichment of their target genes in a cluster of genes up-regulated at senescence in HCEC.

Table S2 HCEC-specific transcripts. Thirty-three genes identified by microarray analysis (Kipling et al., 2009) of which transcripts were differentially up-regulated in proliferating primary HCEC compared with cultures of human diploid fibroblasts (WI38 and HCA2) and primary human ocular keratocytes.

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